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Finpro is now ✨Datatrixs✨

Datatrixs transforms accountants, loan officers, and financial analysts from data crunchers to automation experts with a few clicks when serving...


Small Business Management Tips

In this blog article, we'll look at some of the most typical problems facing small businesses and provide solutions. These suggestions can assist you...

Product Management

How to Innovate as a Product Manager

As a product manager, innovation is key. You need to remain focused on the end user's needs and problems in order to create a product that solves...

Is the DCF Valuation Model Overrated?

The discounted cash flow model (DCF) is used by investors in order to determine what the potential future value of an investment may be based on the...

Intrinsic Value of an Asset

The intrinsic value of a business or investment, is deemed to be the present value of all expected and predicted future cash flows which have been...

Factors That Impact your Valuation

There are many business valuation factors which can come into play which can impact the overall outcome of an investment.

3 Most Common Business Valuation Methods

There are many different forms of valuations, and some are more beneficial to different types of businesses and different specific scenarios.

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